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Daylight for iPad puts a big, bright, and beautiful map of the illuminated Earth, and the sunlight terminator, on the screen of your iPad.
  • Show where sunlight falls at any time, any place on Earth
  • Get sunrise, sunset and twilight times for any time any place on Earth
  • Drag the terminator shadow across the Earth
  • See daylight move across the surface of the Earth in real time
  • Use a large database of cities from all over the world to find out what's happing in a specific location
Includes graphics and maps updated for the Retina Display on the new 2012 iPad.
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    The Terminator

    A sharp line shows where the sun is below the horizon

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    Local Information

    A touch gives a local summary

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    Touch the date, then drag the sliders to move rapidly through a day (top) or the year (bottom)

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    Set date

    Quickly choose a date and time to display

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    Change the displayed map

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    Living Earth

    Another of the multiple map options

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    Twilight Bands

    The bands show different levels of twilight - from darkest to lightest: night, astronomical twilight, nautical twilight, civil twilight, and daylight

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    List of Cities

    Daylight contains a database of cities from across the world, which can be searched, to allow rapid access to information about specific locations.